Tensions at Providence Park have been high since last Friday, Aug. 23, when the Timbers Army remained mostly silent for the first 33 minutes of the Timbers' game against the Seattle Sounders to protest a league ban on flags bearing an antifascist symbol.

Despite the ban, many fans, including Cider Riot owner Abram Goldman Armstrong, flew banners with the Iron Front symbol at Friday's game.

But after a meeting between the Timbers Army's 107 Independent Supporters Trust and the team's front office on Tuesday, Aug. 27, Timbers management decided not to levy sanctions against fans who had flow Iron Front flags or banners at the Friday game, or at the Thorns match on Sunday.

The 107IST said in a statement that the Major League Soccer has committed to meeting with the group's board members to discuss concerns over the fan code of conduct.

"The discussions were productive, and will be ongoing," the 107IST said in a statement.

It continued: "While we are encouraged by the commitment of the Timbers/Thorns front office and the league to work with us on finding a path to move forward, our position remains unchanged."

The 107IST is demanding the MLS lift the ban on Iron Front flags, remove the word 'political' from the fan code of conduct and "consult with marginalized groups and experts in the field of human rights to construct a fan code of conduct that supports radical inclusion and opposes discrimination."

The Timbers front office did not immediately respond to WW's request for comment.