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Oregon Is Now the Only State on the West Coast Where Consumers Can Buy CBD Products at Grocery Stores. Here Are 8 of the Most Bizarre and Bougie Products on Offer.

Let the shopping continue!

Oregon is now the West Coast's CBD shopping destination.

As of Aug. 1, Oregon is the only state along the Pacific where consumers can buy CBD from grocery stores. New rules in Washington state prohibit CBD-infused food and beverages from being sold outside of licensed dispensaries.

Washington joined California in restricting the sale of CBD products in order to comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations. Although the Farm Bill, which passed Congress in 2018, legalized the production and sale of hemp-derived CBD, the FDA has not certified CBD as a legal food product. (The agency is currently testing CBD as a legal food and drink additive and is expected to release findings later this year.)

Oregon is a holdout. According to Sunny Summers, spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Agriculture, "current state law says that hemp is not to be considered an adulterant in food"—meaning Oregon law doesn't restrict hemp-derived CBD from being added to food and drinks sold outside of dispensaries.

Summers says banning CBD from grocery shelves would require action by the Legislature, and she is "not aware of any conversations to change that."

Let the shopping continue! WW spent the weekend prowling the shelves at New Seasons, the local grocery with the largest selection of hemp-infused food. Here are eight of the most bizarre and bougie CBD products you can buy along with your White Claw. We cataloged descriptions on the packages, too.

Flavored CBD pet drops

"A mouthwatering formula that re-creates the aroma and
flavor of peanut butter."

CBD golden turmeric morsels

"Full-spectrum hemp extract that's rich in phytocannabinoids with elevating terpenes and supporting organic ingredients."

CBD-infused "wellness water"

"Calm, focused energy to help you #LiveYourDream."

CBD-infused Coava cold brew coffee

"A creative, focused body high."

Moon harmony CBD stick

"A topical skin-nourishing salve infused with high-potency CBD CO2 extract made from organically grown hemp."

CBD-infused "stress less" honey lemon sticks

"A fresh, cool, slightly tart lemon essence that
sharpens the mind."

CBD rose facial butter

"Harnessing the healing powers of hemp and formulated with some of nature's most precious botanical oils."

Steel-Libido Red full-spectrum hemp extract with nitric oxide booster for men
(sold at the Vitamin Shoppe)

"Can be taken daily for ongoing maintenance of sexual health or as needed for fast-acting sexual enhancement."