An Oregon man accused of burglarizing bottle drops across the state collected enough money to buy a Hummer, police say.

Earlier this month, Beaverton police arrested 34-year-old Brett McQuiston after he burglarized the local bottle drop.

McQuiston was found inside the recycling facility just before midnight with a crowbar and ski mask covering his face. Officers apprehended him as he was running away from the bottle drop with money.

Police said that McQuiston also admitted to having burglarized the same bottle drop five months earlier, as well as bottle drops in Redmond and Corvallis.

"Mr. McQuiston stated he bought an H3 Hummer with the stolen money," Beaverton police said in a statement, "and also lost a large sum gambling."

Officers seized the vehicle "as evidence in the burglaries."

After a trial in Washington County, McQuiston was charged Monday with three counts of burglary and three counts of aggravated theft. He is currently being held in Washington County Jail.