It feels like Portland skipped fall for winter.

Yesterday, Portland experienced the coldest September day on record since 1934. The National Weather Service's Portland office says downtown temperatures reached a high of only 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That ties the 1934 record for coldest September day and breaks the record for coldest Sept. 29, which was recorded in 1971, when the day's high was 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

At the airport, a high of 52 degrees Fahrenheit tied the area's coldest September record of 52 degrees, which was set in 1948.

But Rebecca Muessle, a NWS meteorologist, tells WW the unseasonably cold Sept. doesn't mean a harsh winter ahead.

"This doesn't necessarily indicate whether or not it's going to be an early winter or a really cold or snowy winter," Muessle says. "It's just showing that this September is colder than what we're used to this time of year."