Last week, we wrote about former Mayor Sam Adams, who was sidelined by a #MeToo complaint and came home to Portland to try to clear his name ("Sam Adams Wants Another Chance," WW, Oct. 2, 2019). Here's what readers had to say.

NW Guy895, via "While far from perfect, Sam had real political talent and a strong track record of understanding (and listening to) both sides of an issue, which is sorely lacking in today's Portland city government. A good way for Adams to make a return would be to run for Eudaly's seat. I would support him, and I have a feeling many others would as well."

AC Caldwell, via Facebook: "Sorry, Sam. You had your chance. Politics needs more Obamas and fewer Bill Clintons. But thanks for cleaning up graffiti in my neighborhood!"

Jack Weber, via Facebook: "I've got nothing against Sam Adams. Challenging a complaint is his right."

Hoyt Schermerhorn, via "I'm having a difficult time squaring in my mind how [former mayoral aide Cevero] Gonzalez could be so detail-oriented in most things in his life, yet have no notes or evidence to support his claims of Adams' harassment. That said, I think it's best if Portland just moves on from the Sam Adams era."

No Encore For Sam Adams

So Sam Adams wants a second chance? I'm in favor of second chances, but I'll never vote for him again. I'm not concerned about his inability to manage his personal life, he's proven to be his own worst enemy. I have a problem for what he did during his reign of error.

1. Reduced weekly garbage pickup in half and increased the cost.

2. Ignored crumbling city streets and instead championed the tiny percentage of bicycle riders.

3. Created the infamous "arts tax" that should be funded by the city since they're so good at wasting taxpayer money.

4. If he played a part in bootlegging the Portland Building on the National Registry at only 33 years instead of 50, not good. It's a public eyesore that should be razed; put Portlandia in Pioneer Square where it belongs, and build something better.

Sam's forte was better as an XO to Vera Katz than running his own ship. To be fair, he outlawed plastic bags, which is a good thing since we're drowning in plastic. I think it's a noble gesture removing graffiti from city signs. Hopefully, he's also doing some work on being a better Sam Adams. He had a drinking problem before becoming mayor. Many insiders claim he has ADD, which makes one very impulsive and unfocused. He should stay away from politics and find something more laid back. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

Marvin Thiessen

Northeast Portland

Excellent article on Sam Adams' return to Portland. By the way, Sam, while you're out cleaning graffiti, would you mind clearing out the trash heaps that many of your swales have become?  Welcome back to politically correct Pronounia.

Frank DiMarco

Southeast Portland