City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has written on social media and spoken out about the difficulties of her job, particularly since her attempt to revamp the city's venerable neighborhood association went sideways.

That led to questions about whether Eudaly would stand for re-election next year.

But her spokewoman, Margaux Weeke, says Eudaly will soon make it official that she'll defend the seat she won in an upset victory over former Commissioner Steve Novick in 2016.

"Commissioner Eudaly is running for re-election," Weeke tells WW.

"I don't have information on the timeline for an official announcement/campaign kickoff plans."

Eudaly previously told WW in September that she would seek re-election. But three other candidates have announced before she has.

Those three opponents, Seth Woolley, a programmer and campaign finance reform advocate; Mingus Mapps, a former academic turned neighborhood activist; and Jack Kerfoot, a retired renewable energy consultant, have already announced they're running for Eudaly's seat.