As tonight's temperatures dip, Portland is not expected to see any snow, but up to a tenth of an inch of freezing rain is expected overnight.

Both freezing rain and snow are expected in the Columbia River Gorge on Saturday evening and through Sunday morning.

The National Weather Service expects that the the central and eastern Gorge areas will predominantly see snow tonight, but the western Gorge will see mostly freezing rain and only minimal amounts of snow.

In Portland, the freezing rain might stick, but Colby Newman, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service, says the chances that it will affect driving conditions are slim.

"The amount of freezing rain might be marginal enough to not freeze on the pavement," says Newman. "There's a chance [Portland] could get two-tenths of an inch which is enough to glaze the roads, but there's some uncertainty with that."

Newman says the amount of freezing rain the city receives is dependent on location, but predicts the West Hills and east of I-205 are likely to receive the most freezing rain.

"They're the most likely areas to have ice accumulation tonight, but that ice will most likely end up on bushes, stairwells, and decks," says Newman.

Multnomah County opened its severe weather shelters to the city's homeless residents on Thanksgiving night as temperatures dropped well below freezing. It opened those shelters, totaling 350 beds, on Friday night as well. But The Joint Office of Homeless Services is not currently planning on opening up the severe weather shelters for Saturday night.

Denis Theriault, spokesperson for the Joint Office of Homeless Services, says temperatures must fall under 25 degrees in order for the county and city to open up its severe weather beds.  Theriault predicts the county will have 10-20 severe weather days this winter.

A cold weather advisory will be in effect from 10 p.m on Nov. 30 to 10 am on Dec. 1.

The Joint Office of Homeless Services welcomes winter gear donations. Information about drop-off locations and recommended gear is available here.