Last week, WW wrote about the decline of the region's largest and oldest shopping center, the Lloyd Center Mall ("Last Christmas at Lloyd Center?" WW, Dec. 4, 2019). In recent years, Lloyd Center has lost several anchor stores—Sears, Nordstrom and Marshall's—while announcing additions that have yet to break ground. Meanwhile, it struggles with persistent shoplifting and car thefts. Yet it retains a pull on the civic imagination, and inspires hope that it can still be a Portland gathering place. Here's what readers had to say.

Mark Baker, via Twitter: "Good location for a baseball stadium."

Mollie Thorniley, via Facebook: "The Lloyd Center was my favorite mall. I miss Nordstrom and the sky bridge."

Chris Edwards, via Twitter: "Make it into apartments and condos. Plenty of parking and ground-level storefronts. It seems the way the area is going."

Jae Coleman, via "How many times do you accept your car getting broken into before you don't care about that place? For us, twice."

Cloude Exvius, via Twitter: "The city should convert the building into a giant homeless shelter [and] move the Department of Human Services, WorkSource Oregon, Social Security, disability services, etc., into the building. Then use the rest of the space for living. It is large enough to get everyone off the street and central to public transportation."

Megan Mautemps, via Facebook: "I love Lloyd Center! Please lower your rents and accept small business owners in your open spots. More kiosks for small business owners."

David Krueger, via Facebook: "Malls are dying and good riddance; turn them into low-income housing with food courts and grocery stores."

Janet Gruber, via Facebook: "I think it'd be awesome if they allowed in some local small businesses and a repair and upcycle shop where people can bring broken stuff to get fixed instead of thrown out. Maybe populate the food court with local food cart vendors."

Esther Cromartie, via Facebook: "They should turn it into condos, keeping the rink in the middle. It'd be like a fun dorm."

Patrick Bright, via Facebook: "When I worked at the J.C. Penney there, circa 1995, the shoplifting was ridiculous. Sounds like it's only gotten worse."

MarySue Healy, via "Does our city need Lloyd Center? Do the people in our city and visitors need and want Lloyd Center? Is there a market for Lloyd Center? No one can answer that as a yes."

Robert Huffman, via Facebook: "I moved out of the neighborhood last year, but for years I would only go to the mall once or twice a year. If I had known Migration Brewing and the bridge club were there, I might have gone more often."

Liz Burnside, via Facebook: "I haven't been to a mall in years and, at my age, shall never go again. These days, I buy stuff online."