Portland Antifascists Featured in Playboy

The article defines “antifascist” broadly.

A half-dozen Portland antifascists were featured in Playboy on Dec. 17.

The story, "Antifa in Focus," examines how the group has handled its public image—"how it works, how it's perceived and the gaping blind spot between the two."

The article defines "antifascist" broadly: Most of the figures it spotlights do not wear masks or participate in street brawls. Instead, the story features activist couple Kathryn Stevens and Gregory McKelvey, who manages the mayoral campaign of Sarah Iannarone.

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Playboy also spoke to the candidate.

"I feel a responsibility to change the public discourse around antifascism, absolutely," Iannarone tells Playboy. "Because this problem exists within the system, it's important we use radical tactics—though I definitely think electoral politics matter, and that's why I'm running."

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