• To the 11,057 of you who donated a record-breaking $4,793,833 to 152 local nonprofits through Willamette Week's Give!Guide this year.
• To the 3,167 under-36 donors who gave 63 percent more this year than last.
• To the hundreds and hundreds of local businesses and individuals who played key roles in WW's annual campaign to support Portland's amazing nonprofit community. (You can see who our sponsors are at Then, say thanks when you do business with them.)
• And to everyone at WW who helped make this year such a success. (That's especially you, Mahala Ray; you, Ben Stone; and you, Kim Engelke.)

You represent more donors and business partners than we've ever had, and your donations are $558,156 more than G!G's previous record—set in 2016. To put this year's totals in context: When G!G debuted, in 2004, we raised $25,228 for 28 local nonprofits—and thought that a rousing achievement. WW's G!G has now raised a total of $33,651,546 for local nonprofits during its 16-year existence.

For complete details of this year's results, go to

One more time: We cannot thank you enough. Please join us for a joyous evening at the campaign celebration on Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 6 pm at Revolution Hall. It's free and open to the public.

On a bittersweet note: City Commissioner Nick Fish, who died of cancer last week, called every November in his role as Give!Guide's unofficial head cheerleader. He would comment on the size of the type in our magazine—it was always too small. He would recommend nonprofits for inclusion; JOIN was the first of his many helpful suggestions. More than anything, he would always lend his special brand of enthusiasm to our efforts and marvel at G!G's success. This year, Nick's voice was strained but his love for everything Portland was as present as ever as we talked for the better part of an hour. I will miss Nick's calls. Give!Guide thrives because of all of you—and wonderful supporters like him.

—Richard H. Meeker