Rattled by the spread of coronavirus, Pacific Northwest residents have shunned air travel and eating out. But so far, few groups are cancelling their Portland conventions.

The Oregon Convention Center and the Portland Expo Center have, combined, experienced five event cancellations so far, says Metro. (The regional government oversees these venues.)

One of those cancellations was reported Monday morning by The Oregonian: The Northwest Youth Careers Expo, which typically draws 600 high-school students to meet with potential employers like Nike and Legacy Health.

Perhaps the most prominent cancellation is the March 31 quarterly business meeting of Kaiser Permanente, the health insurer. But US Foods was planning a March 25 trade show of cooking supplies and prepared foods at the Expo Center, and the American Mosquito Control Association was set to hold its annual meeting at the Oregon Convention Center next weekend. No more.

"At our core, AMCA and our members are public health professionals and are dedicated to advancing the welfare of the public by preventing and minimizing the risk of pathogens," the American Mosquito Control Association said in a statement. "Given the current and projected health risks associated with COVID-19, the Board of Directors concluded that it is in the best interest of our members, partners, and the general public to not convene this year."

Metro spokesman Jim Middaugh says the cancellations are a fraction of expected conventions, and most planned events are proceeding.

"So far, we're seeing only limited impacts," Middaugh tells WW. "We're watching things closely and want our customers and the public to feel safe visiting our facilities. We're taking the extra precautions recommended by health authorities and we will update our operations based on the latest information."

He says several groups have asked about whether they should call off meeting in Portland. (The Oregon Health Authority says large gatherings can continue. California and Washington health officials don't agree in their own states, where more people have been diagnosed with COVID-19.)

Here are the events at Metro venues.

Portland Expo Center

US Foods: March 25

Oregon Convention Center

PNW Key Club: March 19-21

American Mosquito Control Association: March 13-20

Kaiser quarterly Business Meeting: March 31

Northwest Youth Careers Expo: March 10