Just when it seemed like we'd made it through winter unscathed, forecasters are monitoring a mid-March curveball: Portland could get some snow this weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, a weather system is moving in that will bring cold, wet weather to Portland this weekend. On Saturday, the area will see snow as low as 1,000 feet, and possibly all the way down to 500 feet.

But before you empty out Fred Meyer again or start lampooning the unreliability of forecasts, meteorologist Rebecca Muessle tells WW that it's still unclear if the freezing temperatures and the precipitation will happen at the same time: "Models have been inconsistent about whether that timing will line up."

Right now, the weather service isn't calling for snow on the valley floor, but frosty weather is within the realm of possibility. And if Portland does see snow, the weather service isn't currently expecting much accumulation.

"If it is going to accumulate, it will most likely do so on grassy surfaces," says Muessle. "But it's too soon to tell."

Try to keep this in perspective. The stores are already low on toilet paper.