Right-wing groups have planned a May 2 rally at the Oregon Capitol in Salem to protest Gov. Kate Brown's stay-home order to slow the spread of COVID-19. When WW reported the event on wweek.com, the protest's backers objected to being called "right wing." Most of our readers just objected to the protest.

Sarah Thompson, via Facebook: "That's fine. They just need to sign this waiver declining all medical services for COVID and quarantine for 14 days after the protest. They can get together and shout up a storm then."

Ed, via email: "There's nothing 'right wing' about getting our nation back on its feet. If you want to be a good little compliant dutiful lemming taking your orders and doing what they say, then fine, do it but don't expect the rest of the country to take your leaders' 'marching orders.' All Democrats in leadership are totalitarian wannabes; the only thing they love more than themselves is power over the people whether it's with higher taxes, rules and regulations to curtail freedom and independence. It's all about control. Clearly they control you."

Francis Sutemeier, via wweek.com: "It is because of idiots like this that we are going to have problems here when the rest of the world has moved on."

Katie Lou, in response: "The idiots are the ones watching local fake news, listening to WW, watching Rachel Maddow. It is all brainwashing. And sadly, it is working."

Courtney Allison, via Facebook: "From the people that brought you 'Protesters = speed bumps' and 'Protesting is illegal.' Hypocrisy at its finest, all day, every day."

John C. Worsley, via wweek.com: "You cannot legislate a pandemic out of existence. You cannot speak to COVID's manager. If you force people to work in a pandemic, you will have the worst of both worlds: unconstrained transmission and death AND economic ruin. The false dichotomy of 'your economy or your lives' is simply not reality."

Char Houweling, via Facebook: "The more people defy quarantine, the longer it's going to be. By doing stuff like this, people are not just endangering themselves but their roommates, families, children and every single person they come into contact with. It is extremely childish and selfish. STAY HOME. DON'T BE AN ASSHAT."

Kylie Menagh-Johnson, via Facebook: "Suggestion: Nobody should be there to watch this ridiculousness. Use drones to take pictures. Don't give them the satisfaction of our attention."

Dave Dallas, via Facebook: "Perhaps they could do something more useful, like sanitize a nursing facility, deliver meals to shut-ins, or volunteer at a hospital caring for COVID patients."

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