State Sen. Shemia Fagan entered Thursday morning with a 1,950-vote lead over state Sen. Mark Hass (D-Beaverton) in the Democratic primary for secretary of state.

By midday, the number of ballots counted in the race statewide increased by 7,922. The net effect of those new votes was to slightly reduce Fagan's lead, from 1,950 votes to 1,913, a change of 37 votes.

Clackamas County released some new vote counts at 11:46 am, but none of Oregon's four other largest counties—Multnomah, Washington, Marion and Lane—has released additional ballot tallies today.

It is unclear how many ballots remain to be tallied.

Officials in Clackamas and Washington counties tell WW they each have about 10,000 more ballots to count and expect to release the results at around 5 pm today. Multnomah County also has "a couple more thousand," according to Eric Sample, a spokesman for the elections division. Marion County still has some ballots, as well. County Clerk Bill Burgess was unsure how many, but he expects to report a tally this afternoon. Lane County elections officials were not immediately available for comment.