On May 14, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown sanctioned the first stage of reopening for 31 of the state's 36 counties. That meant many businesses shuttered by the governor's stay-home order—bars, dine-in restaurants, salons and gyms—could open their doors last weekend under new rules (see our story). The three Portland-area counties have not yet applied to reopen. WW reported the governor's decision on wweek.com. Here's what our readers had to say:

@DebraJane13 via Twitter: "I mean, I want to go to the beach more than anyone, but is this safe? Do the service workers have enough PPE? Do we have enough testing?"

Deven E. Ferté via Facebook: "God help these communities that are reopening, for several reasons."

Deb Tinnin via Facebook: "Great. All the Portland folks can come to the beach."

Jim Andersen via Facebook: "Those in outlying counties who are not comfortable with the governor's decision can still wear masks or stay at home. Those who want to get back to some sort of semblance of normal can do so. Let's get back to being productive."

Eric Aleksandr via Facebook: "Working-class people don't get to 'choose to stay home' when these orders disqualify you for unemployment. Good for capitalism, bad for poor people."

@Joechehly via Twitter: "Wear a goddamn mask so we can get back closer to normal and stay that way, Oregon."

Rob Klavins via Twitter: "I hope I'm wrong, but I fear the second wave or—in places like here in Wallowa County—the first."

Patrick Finney via Twitter: "We'll all be locked back in our homes by July because of this."

@rockwoodinvests via Twitter: "Sorry, I'm not gonna go to a restaurant if everybody [in masks] looks like they're getting ready for surgery."

K.G. Facet via wweek.com: "I like the piecework reopening plan that's based mostly on how the virus moves through more populated areas. Scientifically informed, but allows us to move on with minimal risk. Too slow for some, but I'm more or less on board."

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