Oregon’s Leading Republican Political Strategist Explains Why He’ll Vote for Joe Biden

Dan Lavey expresses his “disgust over the character and policy choices of Donald Trump.”

The president's base greets a Black Lives Matter protest in North Portland on June 19, 2020. (Brian Brose)

Dan Lavey, who has advised and run campaigns for leading Oregon Republican candidates, including former U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith and past GOP nominees for governor Chris Dudley and Knute Buehler, took to Facebook on Aug. 13 to explain why he'll vote for former Vice President Joe Biden in November.

In his Facebook post, Lavey, president of the Portland lobbying and political consulting firm Gallatin Group, said he left the Republican Party two years ago because of his "disgust over the character and policy choices of Donald Trump."

Dan Lavey

"Some days I am literally sick to my stomach about the latest Trump statement or action," Lavey wrote.

"I'm angry and sad about what has happened to the political party I've supported since before I was old enough to even vote. It's no longer a conservative party committed to a better America for all Americans. It's Trump's Party—riddled with conspiracy theories, racism, sexism and intolerance. It's anti-intellectual and anti-science. It's corrupt to the core. Trump must be defeated and in a big way."

Trump never had a chance of winning in Oregon this fall. But Lavey's public pronouncements show not only how far the president's stock has fallen in Oregon with what used to be the mainstream of his party, but that a longtime leader in that party feels safe talking about his dissatisfaction.

"Although my vote for President will have no impact on the outcome, it matters to my conscience," Lavey added. "So I will be voting for Joe Biden come November. I hope Uncle Joe will remember that he won the Democratic Party nomination promising results, not a revolution.

"Those promising to transform America were rejected—even by Democrat primary voters. American doesn't need a transformation. We need a President we can respect—even when we disagree. Joe, Heal our nation. Bind up our wounds. Speak to our better angels. Stay off social media. Because if you do, Americans will follow."

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