As part of its Aug. 19 purge of "anarchist groups that support violent acts amidst protests, U.S.-based militia organizations and QAnon," Facebook removed the page for Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front—a group of youth activists instrumental in organizing Portland protests for the past three months.

The organization has also at times celebrated property destruction and encouraged confrontation with police.

Reporter Nick Martin, who writes for The Informant, first tweeted Aug. 19 that Facebook removed PNWYLF's page. The group confirmed its page had been taken down in an Aug. 19 tweet.

Activists called the ban an attempt to suppress left-leaning voices and said it drew a false equivalence between anarchists and violent right-wingers.

"For months, Donald Trump has explicitly blamed anarchists for the countrywide wave of protest precipitated by persistent police violence in the United States," a petition says. "Today, [Facebook's] decision to ban publishers who provide a venue for participants in protests shows that they are taking their cues about what should constitute acceptable speech from those at the top of the power structure."

A Facebook spokesperson did not respond immediately to WW's request for comment.