Readers Respond to Mayor Ted Wheeler Seeking “Alternative” to Police Officers Covering Their Names

“Simple solution: badge number and name plate, in full view.”

Police shove protesters, press along the sidewalk. (Alex Wittwer)

Since June, Portland police officers have been allowed to cover their name badges with tape, revealing only their personnel numbers. The Portland Police Bureau says the tape is for the safety of the officers, who fear getting doxxed by demonstrators protesting police brutality. Critics say taping over names is proof of the lack of accountability that many protesters are railing against. As WW has reported, the city has refused to hand over the names of officers that correspond with personnel numbers that have received complaints. In an interview last week, Mayor Ted Wheeler, who's also police commissioner, told WW he's directed the Police Bureau's legal counsel and human resources department to find an alternative to officers covering their badges. Here's what our readers had to say:

@nerdyatty via Twitter: "An alternative like…not covering their name badges during protests?"

@jimbaldwin123 via Twitter: "Make them wear football jerseys with their names and numbers prominently displayed. Problem solved."

Brian Taylor via Facebook: "Is there another alternative besides 'Don't cover your name badges'?"

@typo_factory via Twitter: "The concerns expressed by the PPB are not valid and do not need to be 'appreciated.' Police officers are public servants. If they don't want to be accountable to the public, they should quit their jobs."

Youser Friendly, via "You know who I want held accountable? All the idiots who riot, loot and destroy public property night after night after night."

Jennifer Sordyl Don Berg via Facebook: "Covering their badge should never happen, and should be grounds for immediate dismissal."

@getoffmylawwn via Twitter: "If you give out a cop's name, you're giving out his/her address, phone, and relatives' names. Due to today's technology, it's easy to get this info for free. Wheeler has a security staff and cops don't. This isn't right."

HotelPortlandSurfRoom via "More mealy-mouthed equivocation from Mr. Wheeler. Simple solution: badge number and name plate, in full view. Wheeler is the police commissioner. He can order the chief to have it done. Period."

Sarah Vhay via Facebook: "Would that alternative be police accountability? That would be nice."

Doug Browning, via Facebook: "Wheeler is going to lose [reelection] and the citizens of Portland are going to lose. Watch the mass exodus out of Portland of anyone who supports the city with their tax dollars."

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