Portland's protests have not been curbed by election results. In his first public speech since winning election to the Portland City Council, Mingus Mapps denounced demonstrators who vandalized Commissioner Dan Ryan's home after he voted against proposed police budget cuts. In his speech, Mapps referred to some of the protestors as "the white mob." A week later, on Nov. 8, protesters broke the windows of Multnomah County Democratic Party headquarters, and spray-painted the building with slogans like "No presidents." Here's what our readers had to say:

@SkithDiphi via Twitter: "Huh. It's almost like people who smash windows aren't really interested in actual political thought."

@r_markillie via Twitter: "It's almost like you people can't tell the difference between Democrats and the actual left. 'No presidents' is actually a coherent and interesting political thought."

@marknerys via Twitter: "Dem here cleaning up the glass tonight. I get [that] lots of people across the political spectrum don't like us (I ain't mad), but some people may be overestimating the ideological cohesion that exists at the county level. This is an all-volunteer organization."

@mayorwheeley via Twitter: "Since you clearly haven't paid attention to the protests…protesters are not fighting for progressive policies. They are on the streets for Black/brown liberation and the dismantling of the police state. Did you libs abruptly lose critical thinking skills after the election?"

@SalKrinkle via Twitter: "People are stupid. This has gone long past any peaceful protests. I am pretty sympathetic to much of the cause, but the destruction and damage and chaos have deteriorated the efforts of others. This likely isn't BLM/social justice groups, but even they need another path."

@tamaralynn_g via Twitter: "I am by no means excited by the prospect of a Biden presidency. It is a relief to be done with Trump. I think these so-called anarchists that organize on the internet may have a better result by creating their own utopia somewhere than trying to force a city to change."

swankcurtain via wweek.com: "I hope Mingus has a lot more to say. Expressing anger is not the point of direct action, which should aim to enlighten the populace. Provoking cops into acting like dicks isn't good trouble. Not everyone did it, but everyone kept showing up, knowing full well what the fucking plotline was going to be. Don't like a statue of some white dude who had the misfortune of being alive in a more primitive culture? Dress the bastard down in humiliating garb, and schedule a weeklong community roast, so everyone can pay their disrespect, before voting on its ultimate fate. That would teach people some shit to remember."

@dave_daley_pdx via Twitter: "Completely validates my vote for [Mapps]. A small group of hardcore anarchists has eroded what was once strong support for BLM. I believe they may have actually lost progressives the opportunity to win the U.S. Senate."

@lumbeescot via Twitter: "Maybe. But are you going to hold police accountable, Mr. 'I took money from the police union'?"

MW via wweek.com: "How come you don't mention any of the Black leaders in support of the demonstrations, or the Black activists on the ground leading them? I mean, by now we all get where WW stands, but this article just seemed lazy. Looks like another two Portlanders using their platform to erase so many voices within the Black community."

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