Let's try to answer the pressing question, "Why the hell should I listen to Willamette Week's new podcast?"

Do you want to know about every local news story? Well then you're in for a treat, because in 90 seconds I give you the biggest headlines of the week. In 90 seconds, you will be the most up-to-date Portlander in the world.

Are you interested in the biggest story in the city? This podcast sits down with the author of the latest WW cover story, Rachel Monahan, and talks to her about how she developed and reported her examination of who is avoiding the COVID-19 vaccine. Rachel tells us what got left on the cutting room floor—and offers three reasons why she would take the vaccine today. This is a backstage pass to the WW newsroom. It's top secret, so keep it between us, please.

Did you read the story and have questions? Multnomah County Democrats vice chair Rachelle Dixon and I discuss why she and other Black Oregonians—who have been disproportionately affected by the vaccine—are suspicious of the shot.

Do you like local music? Our podcast runs on local tunes.

Do you like having fun? We keep it light. We play games.

Do you have 20 minutes to spare? I can't answer that.

And what could be the quote of the week? It's a damn good one. But no spoilers.

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