Last month, President Joe Biden revoked several of the executive orders issued by his predecessor, Donald Trump, including one tagging Portland as an "anarchist jurisdiction." The designation by the U.S. Department of Justice could have prevented Portland—along with New York and Seattle—from receiving some federal funding. But mostly the name attracted notice for its outlandish quality. Here's what our readers had to say:

Glenn Rice via Facebook: "Damn! And I just changed all of my letterheads!"

Elijah William Hunt via Facebook: "*Looks out the window* Yep. Checks out."

Scott Pesznecker, via Facebook: "Oh good! I always felt at risk whenever I'd go into town for outdoor dining at one of our city's many fine restaurants. I never knew which hipsters were secret antifas just waiting to break a window. Living in a war zone is tough!"

Scrappymutt, via "I guess that solves that. Portland fixed."

Monica Weber, via Facebook: "I wouldn't mind Portland being a little boring these days."

Bob Steets, via "COME ON, MAN! I was hoping they could ratchet it up a notch. We are so close to killing New Portland forever."

Jacob Metcalf via Facebook: "Portland will always be an anarchist jurisdiction in my heart."

Michael Phelps via Facebook: "I am not whining or griping. I did not lose a job and a place to live. I did not lose a business. I did not have my property destroyed or stolen. It is just an amazing thing to watch Portlanders celebrate the actions and philosophy of people who vow to burn it down."

@ik3 via Twitter: "As with most Trump ideas, this was just hot air with a lot of free online chitter about it."

Amy Cherrycity via Facebook: "Thank you. It broke the most basic rules of logic and vocabulary. Either it's 'Commie Kate' and her oppressive, business-killing mask requirements, or it's anarchy. Pick a gripe and stick to it, whiners!"

Mitch Craft, via Facebook: "The amount of tourists still getting donuts is chaos, though."

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