WW Podblast: Earl’s Our Bud

He says using cannabis would compromise the integrity of his quest.

Are we sure Congressman Earl Blumenauer isn’t getting high on the reg?

He remains adamant that he has never smoked weed. He says using cannabis would compromise the integrity of his quest: legalizing and decriminalizing bud.

Blumenauer joined Dive, the WW podcast, to discuss the favorite day of the year for Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and dorm halls: 420.

That holiday means Willamette Week’s cover story all about weed has arrived. This year, Matthew Singer brought us an exploration of how weed usage has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Between attracting new users who are stressed out and looking for a way to relax and current users realizing the bossman can’t tell you’re high over Zoom, Oregonians spent $1 billion on cannabis in 2020 for the first time ever, and we continue to crush weed sales records.

After an update on the cover story by Singer, we talk to Blumenauer about why he’s the most sober weed fan there is. We also talk about hot topics like Biden’s infrastructure bill, climate change policy, and criminal justice reform.

Whether you’re a stoner, know a stoner, or just like Dive, tune in.

Oh, by the way, come back on Tuesday, there may be a surprise for you.

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