Nicholas Kristof’s Misfortune Is Good News for Betsy Johnson

However you slice it, this week was a massive one for the governor’s race.

This is a crazy week if you care who will be elected Oregon governor in 10 months.

Now, a lot can happen in 10 months. Just think back to where we were last year, worrying about COVID and whether the Blazers were any good and now look where we are? OK, bad example.

However you slice it, this week was a massive one for the governor’s race. First, unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson sat down with Willamette Week to give a candid interview in which she questioned the competence of the Democratic Party, ripped her opponents, and gave some insight into what a Gov. Johnson would do. And then, the not unexpected but still headline-making news broke that Democratic candidate Nick Kristof will not be allowed on the May ballot, according to a ruling made by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office. While Kristof gets his appeal ready for the Oregon Supreme Court, let’s take a second and break down all of that newsiness.

Willamette Week reporter Nigel Jaquiss joins this week’s episode of Dive to tell us all we need to know about these topics. We ask him the questions that readers like you probably have, and he gives his thoughts. So whether you genuinely care about what’s going on or just want to regurgitate thoughtful opinions on the matter to sound smart in front of your friends (no judgment), this podcast gets you all caught up.

We also tell you about the other big headlines (hint: COVID is on the rise) and give you a very debatable list of the three best pizza places in Portland. All in under 18 minutes. Oh, all that is free? Unreal. Take a listen.

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