What Joe Biden Said to Jo Ann Hardesty During His Portland Visit

As it happened, Hardesty’s next stop was WW’s offices.

President Joe Biden delivered public remarks at Portland International Airport and had private words with Democratic Party donors at the Portland Yacht Club during a brief whistlestop Thursday.

In between, he greeted a number of local officials in an airport hangar. Among them? City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty.

As it happened, Hardesty’s next stop was WW’s offices for an often contentious joint endorsement interview with our editorial board and three opponents: Vadim Mozyrsky, Rene Gonzalez and Joseph Whitcomb.

We asked Hardesty: What did she and the president talk about as they shook hands?

“He asked me what I did,” Hardesty recalled, “and I told him. He said, ‘You should be at the county. It’s a lot easier than the city.’ I said, ‘You’re telling me.’”

Reporter Nigel Jaquiss then noted the obvious: A number of people, especially her challengers, would also prefer Hardesty leave City Hall for Multnomah County offices.

“I’m sure they would,” she replied. “But I’m effective where I am.”

Watch the full video here. (Please forgive the poor audio quality. We bumped a microphone during the interview.)