New Polling Shows Gov. Kate Brown’s Popularity Remains at Nation’s Lowest Level

Meanwhile, the nation’s three most popular governors are Republicans leading blue states.

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown at a bill signing for an Elliott State Forest deal. (Brian Brose)

New polling numbers released today by Morning Consult show that Gov. Kate Brown has the highest disapproval ratings among the nation’s governors, with 54% of Oregonians polled giving her thumbs down.

That’s not a new phenomenon. WW reported on Brown’s low approval ratings last fall, drawing on earlier numbers from Morning Consult.

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A couple of other highlights from the new poll: All 10 of the nation’s most popular governors are Republicans. The three most popular—Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Phil Scott of Vermont and Larry Hogan of Maryland—are Republicans leading blue states.

Portland pollster John Horvick of DHM Research, who first tweeted about the poll, says its findings are consistent with his: Oregon Democrats are gloomy and their views of the governor reflect that.

Horvick says he thinks that outlook could play a role in the November general election if Democrats fail to fill out their ballots or turn to an alternative, such as the nonaffiliated candidate in the governor’s race, former Sen. Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose).

Horvick also says there’s a message in the popularity of Republican governors for whoever emerges from Oregon’s GOP primary for governor: All three of the most popular governors are never-Trumpers and have approval ratings far higher than Trump acolytes such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“There’s a lesson there for Oregon Republicans,” Horvick says.

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