Kotek Drills Down on Drazan’s Abortion Platform

She wants to know what “conversation” Drazan is so eager to have.

CHOICE: Democrats selected Tina Kotek as the party standard-bearer. (Brian Brose)

As WW invites candidates to our offices to make their pitches for our endorsements, we regularly offer them the opportunity to ask one another a question. (But just one.) The results can be illuminating.

When we gave Democratic Party candidate for governor Tina Kotek that chance last week, she homed in on one of Republican Christine Drazan’s biggest vulnerabilities: abortion.

Drazan is pro-life, but has largely argued that her stance is irrelevant in a state with some of the most robust reproductive rights protections in the nation. But her remarks to the Bend Bulletin about “looking forward to the conversation” about abortion was something Kotek wanted to know more about.

Watch the full exchange below.

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