Clackamas County Clerk Challenger Says She Will Resume Marriages, Including Same-Sex Ones, if Lead Holds

The incumbent clerk halted all marriages in 2014 after Oregon legalized gay unions.

Catherine McMullen says she will resume civil marriage ceremonies at the Clackamas County Clerk’s Office if her lead in yesterday’s election holds and she becomes the new clerk.

Sherry Hall, who holds the office now, stopped conducting civil ceremonies in 2014 after Oregon legalized gay marriage.

“I will officiate weddings for all couples,” McMullen said in an interview.

McMullen leads Hall 66% to 34% with 37% of ballots from registered Clackamas County voters counted.

McMullen has a number of things on her to-do list for Clackamas County, she said. Among them is accounting for the $600,000 that the clerk’s office spent to complete the May primary after thousands of blurred ballots couldn’t be read by machines. Those ballots had to be hand-duplicated by county employees.

“That money has to come from somewhere, along with money for other mistakes,” McMullen said. “I have to look at where that money came from, and what’s not being done instead.”

The May blunder was one of many under Hall’s 20-year tenure.

“I’m looking forward to getting things under control in Clackamas County,” McMullen said.

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