Portland Voted. What Now?

Nigel Jaquiss discusses the challenges facing Tina Kotek, and Sophie Peel diagrams the uncertainty that still surrounds charter reform.

How is everyone feeling after the election?

Emotions were running hot in the weeks before we voted, and now that we’ve crossed the threshold, the city seems to be vibrating with a “well, what now?” type of energy.

I know the Portland City Council is probably salty as hell that charter reform passed, and ultra-conservative rural Oregonians are likely less than stoked about their new Steamrolling Lesbian Portlander Governor. Potential new City Council candidates are already sniffing the air for support, and bureaus are already shifting gears. Agendas are crystallizing and change is coming.

Well, more change is coming. And I think, despite the rhetoric, we are all, regardless of political affiliations, super thirsty for it.

Today, I chat with two of WW’s newsroom champions, Sophie Peel and Nigel Jaquiss, about what we as Portlanders can expect from both charter reform and our new powerhouse governor, Tina Kotek, who graced this week’s cover as an homage to Captain America—her favorite superhero. I see you, Tina. Cap is corny and we’re really in more of a She-Hulk era, but I see you. And I really hope you snagged a copy of this week’s paper because your cover, created by artist Stephen Pellnat, absolutely deserves a thick, decorative frame.

Sophie will break down charter reform for us, then Nigel and I will unpack his cover story, “Captain Kotek.”

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