Hillsboro Mattress Store Fined for Willfully Endangering Employees

Bosses at Mattress Megastore forced delivery drivers to operate a truck with no windshield wipers during rainstorms.

A state regulator fined Mattress Megastore in Hillsboro $67,000 for willfully endangering its delivery drivers.

The locally owned mattress seller was forcing employees to “to operate a one-ton box delivery truck that was clearly unsafe,” the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health said while announcing the fine yesterday. The truck had no windshield wipers, a broken seat belt and cracks in the windshield. Drivers were forced to use it for deliveries in rainstorms anyway, the state found.

“Driving is just as important as any other facet of workplace safety,” said agency head Renee Stapleton. “To knowingly neglect vehicle safety is inexcusable.”

If employees refused to use the faulty truck, they were told they would be fired, OSHA inspectors found after responding to an anonymous complaint. OSHA referred the case to the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries to investigate whether the company was also violating Oregon anti-retaliation laws.

Inspectors found other issues with the warehouse as well: Electric panels were inaccessible and a fire exit was blocked by merchandise.

In a December job posting, Mattress Megastore listed a variety of perks offered to its delivery drivers, including “fun atmosphere, employee discounts, growth opportunities,” but did not mention the condition of its 16-foot box trucks.

“We cannot speak about the case at this time,” said Peter Renteria, an employee who answered the business’s phone on Wednesday morning.