Readers Respond to Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty’s Court Battle With the Police Union

“Gambling is legal. Debt is legal. What else ya got?”

Last week, WW reported on the latest developments in City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty’s $5 million lawsuit against the Portland Police Association, in which she alleges that the former police union president leaked a false report about her in retaliation for her criticism of officers (“Zero Sum Game,” Nov. 23). Both sides in the case have been ordered by a Multnomah County circuit judge to produce discovery material for the other. Hardesty successfully sought PPA communications regarding her, as well as internal messages about the murder of George Floyd. (PPA attorneys tried to argue those communications were protected by union-member privilege.) Hardesty must produce any records after 2019 related to gambling activities, as union attorneys try to argue she’s in financial distress and seeking a payday. It’s possible some or none of the material will become public. Here’s what our readers had to say:

Doyle Canning, via Twitter: “If you can’t pound the facts, pound the law. And if you can’t pound the law, pound the table…with a novel discovery defense called ‘union privilege’?

“The judge wasn’t buying it lol.”

Big Biscuit, via “Not sure how it works with the law, but was Hardesty given a mulligan when she accused the police of setting fires on purpose during the riots? Seems like slander/libel unless a police department is not able to sue a city employee? Of course, in Portland it was quickly brushed off by the media and Hardesty went on her merry way (at least until she was voted out of office).”

Koriander, via Twitter: “Looking forward to those revealed [Portland Police Bureau] texts when she’s running for redistricted City Council in 2024.”

Susan Marie, via Facebook: “So, these cops don’t deny they have something to hide, but they want to get something on Hardesty to intimidate her. Gambling is legal. Debt is legal. What else ya got?”

Dorset, via “The PPA attorneys are going to make mincemeat out of Hardesty. She’s in way over her head…”

flash steve, via “I can’t stomach her, but I’m afraid she is going to collect major money here. She won’t actually see it in her checking account until 2024 at the earliest. Verdict…appeals, etc.”

bryanrmorris, via “Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if they just kissed and made up and let bygones be bygones?”

RealDanPaulding, via Twitter: “As always, trolls who don’t even live in Oregon always have a lot to say about Jo Ann Hardesty. I wonder how many of these posts are by the same person running multiple accounts?”

Pancake Regrets, via Twitter: “Who keeps gambling records?”

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