Tensions Simmer Beneath Low-Key Multnomah County Contest

Two of the names on Ana del Rocio’s contributor list are noteworthy.

ONWARD AND UPWARD: Three candidates seek to fill the remainder of Jessica Vega Pederson's county commission term. (Motoya Nakamura / Multnomah County)

The race to serve the remaining two years of Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson’s term as a county commissioner is so far a low-key affair featuring community activists Ana del Rocio and Albert Kaufman and Portland Public Schools board member Julia Brim-Edwards.

Although Kaufman and Brim-Edwards have yet to disclose any campaign contributions, two of the names on del Rocio’s contributor list are noteworthy.

One is PPS board chair Andrew Scott, in for $250, a snub to his colleague Brim-Edwards (two other current PPS board members have also endorsed del Rocio). Meanwhile, Metro Council President Lynn Peterson, who works closely with the county board on transportation and homelessness, has also given $250 to del Rocio, perhaps a legacy of Brim-Edwards’ active role in helping her then-employer, Nike, submarine a multibillion-dollar transportation measure Peterson championed in 2020.

“Everybody makes their own decision on who to support,” says Brim-Edwards, who notes she’s picked up endorsements from three former governors: Kate Brown, Ted Kulongoski and Barbara Roberts.

Del Rocio says Scott’s and Peterson’s endorsements are signs of her broad appeal: “I’m the collaborative and forward-thinking candidate the county needs.”

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