The Blazers’ New Sasquatch Mascot Has Big Shoes to Fill

Douglas Fur descends from a long line of basketball Bigfeet.

Wheedle (King County Archives)

The Portland Trail Blazers revealed their new mascot last week: a 7-foot Sasquatch with a red beanie and lumberjack-chic plaid vest. His name is Douglas Fur.

Comedian Ian Karmel, an Oregon boy made good on L.A. late-night television, embraced Dougy with enthusiasm at center court, but the online crowd wasn’t quite as enamored with their new furry friend. Probably something to do with the creepily intense perpetual grin and wide eyes.

Dougy is actually the fourth Bigfoot-themed NBA mascot to roam the hardwoods of the Pacific Northwest. Let’s take a trip down (cursed) memory lane.

The Blazers’ new mascot, Douglas Fur, descends from a long line of basketball Sasquatches. (Bruce Ely / Trail Blazers)


Former I-5 rivals the Seattle Super Sonics laid claim to the best of the Bigfeet. ‘Squatch was a mainstay of ‘90s Seattle basketball right alongside Blazer alums Shawn Kemp, Kevin Calabro and Nate McMillan. Besides looking the least ridiculous, ‘Squatch got PNW bonus points for staying behind when the Sonics left town.


Before Dougy there was…his father? When Fur debuted, longtime Rip City fans immediately thought of Portland’s previous Bigfoot mascot. He was an 8-foot behemoth that hung out courtside at the Memorial Coliseum in the days of Kiki Vandeweghe and Bill Schonely. Fur’s predecessor sported a similar plastered-on smile, but also worked shirtless—revealing hairy six-pack abs. If only Dougy could find this guy’s sunglasses in storage.

Wheedle in the Kingdome, circa 1980. (King County Archives)


The first PNW basketball Bigfoot was inspired by the 1974 children’s book Wheedle on the Needle. According to a Jan. 9, 1977, UPI wire report, Wheedle was “a golden-furred, roly-poly creature that looks like the standup offspring of a bear and a sasquatch who mated.” (It’s also pretty easy to see the influence of Sid and Marty Krofft and their H.R. Pufnstuf puppets.) In a criminal twist of fate, Wheedle was the only Sasquatch, thus far, to be present for an NBA championship. Let’s hope Damian Lillard and Victor Wembanyama can fix that soon.

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