How the WW Endorsements Are Made—and Who Gets a Say

Do you think the answer changed from the last time I asked?

SMOKE-FILLED ROOM: Kelly's Olympian in downtown Portland. (Brian Burk)

It’s time for another round of Willamette Week endorsements!

So this week’s cover story was about psychedelic mushrooms and how the regulated therapeutic market is informing a more robust than usual psilocybin black market—fascinating stuff by podcast bestie Anthony Effinger.

But y’all, there’s an election around the corner this week, so rather than shrooming with Anthony, I’m unpacking the endorsements that appeared this week with WW managing editor Aaron Mesh.

Y’all wanna hear me ask him—again—if he thinks the all-white, overwhelmingly male newsroom is an accurate representation of the readership these endorsements are meant to appeal to? Do you think his answer changed from the last time I asked? Place your bets, homies.

Today we’re discussing two endorsements of particular note, first Multnomah County Commissioner District 3 and then Measure 26-238, which would tax capital gains to fund legal counsel for tenants facing eviction.

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