How Much Would You Expect to Pay for Psilocybin Mushroom Therapy?

We asked paradegoers at the St. Johns Bizarre.

The cost of legal psilocybin is going to surprise people.

In recent weeks, WW has covered the rollout of Measure 109, which legalized the consumption of psilocybin mushrooms in a therapeutic setting. The first licensed psilocybin service center in Eugene has a lot of costs baked in—so many that its operator, Cathy Roswell Jonas, expects to charge patients $500 for two hours of microdosing and $3,500 for six hours and a “hero” dose.

Like we said: Surprise!

Certainly, that price tag startled attendees of the St. Johns Bizarre in our latest roving civics exam, called “Hot Mic.” Reed College filmmaker Zave Payne asked paradegoers:

How much do you think a single microdosing session, lasting one to two hours, will cost?

Watch the answers here:

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