Julia Brim-Edwards Appears on Track to Win County Commissioner Race

The former Nike executive and Portland Public Schools board member will serve out the balance of Jessica Vega Pederson’s term.

Portland Public Schools board member Julia Brim-Edwards appears to have won a comfortable victory tonight over community advocate Ana del Rocío to serve the remainder of the term for Multnomah County commissioner in District 3 representing Southeast Portland neighborhoods. Albert Kaufman, who runs a small marketing agency, is running a distant third.

The race to replace Jessica Vega Pederson, who won the election for county chair last November, offered a choice between Brim-Edwards, 61, a former longtime Nike executive now in her third term on the Portland School Board, and del Rocío, 36, who has served as a nonprofit leader and staffer to Vega Pederson.

In the first release of voting results shortly after 8 pm, Brim-Edwards held a commanding lead over del Rocío, 60% to 31%, with Kaufman capturing about 8% of the vote.

The first tranche of votes included about 15% of all ballots distributed. That’s likely to account for more than half of all ballots returned, given voter turnout in recent May off-year elections, and that means the outcome is unlikely to change.

Brim-Edwards responded cautiously but optimistically to the early returns. “If these trends continue,” she said, “I look forward to getting to work immediately on the critical challenges facing our community.”

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