Tina Kotek Is in Everybody’s Political Blunt Rotation

It is possible that’s because she’s the only Oregon politician anybody could name.

Hot Mic, Ep 8

Lately, Oregon politicians have been getting a little too close to the stash. Secretary of State Shemia Fagan resigned this month after WW revealed she was moonlighting for a cannabis outfit.

But for some of us, this scandal raised a question: Which Oregon politician would you most like to smoke a joint with?

So we made it the latest question in our roving civics quiz, called Hot Mic. Zave Payne, a Reed College filmmaker, asked patrons at the Portland Farmers Market in the South Park Blocks which politicians would be in their dream blunt rotation.

The most common answer? Gov. Tina Kotek.

Actually, she was the only answer. Was this because she was the only Oregon politician whose name anybody could remember? We’ll let you decide.

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