Need a last minute gift idea for the radical leftist on your list who loves Christmas but hates Nazis?

Rose City Antifa has you covered.

You can buy antifascist sweatshirts, t-shirts, pins, scarves, bottle-opener-key-chains, and even beer cozies on the controversial antifascist group's online store.

Although the now-infamous Antifa movement has had a moment in the national spotlight in 2017, it isn't really a traditional political organization. Antifa is more of a network of like-minded people who want to stand up to fascism and maybe punch a few Nazis.

In Portland, those people had already been organizing for nearly ten years before Donald Trump became president. Rose City Antifa has been kicking around Portland's protest scene since 2007. Their mission is in their name: they want to tamp down fascism wherever it pops up.

And you can fight the fascists while shopping for presents. Everyone wins—except the Nazis.