The Portland lawyer targeted by self-identified anarchists responded to the vandals who flooded his office, calling their actions "cowardly."

The anonymous anarchists say they put a garden hose through the door of Sean Riddell's office because of his work representing the National ICE Council, the union for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

"I am aware that I have accepted unpopular clients and accepted advocacy of unpopular ideas," Riddell said in a statement addressing the vandalism. "I have also accepted advocacy of positions that I did not personally hold as true. I did so, like most lawyers, because that is what our profession asks of us and I believe that through the crucible of civil debate and the forge of litigation that truth and fairness prevails. I believe in our judicial system."

Damage to Sean Riddell’s law office. (WW staff)
Damage to Sean Riddell’s law office. (WW staff)

Riddell filed a tort claim against the city of Portland on behalf of the union after Mayor Ted Wheeler instructed police not to intervene in protests outside the federal building where ICE agents work.

After Riddell's office was vandalized, he says other lawyers stepped forward and offered to help him pay for repairs and use their office space until his is repaired. He says he is not intimidated by the attack.

"To the nameless and faceless persons and their cowardly actions who attempted to harm me and my property, I say this: If your intent was to scare me, then you failed," he said.  "If you knew anything about me, then you would know why. If your intent was to harm me financially, then you failed. If you knew anything about property ownership, then you would know why. If your intent was to strengthen my belief in our system and the honor of my profession, then you succeeded."