Deschutes Brewery is the latest local company to defect from a climate action group lobbying for the cap-and-trade climate bill in Oregon.

The Bend-based company tweeted on Wednesday that the company "loves our planet and will continue efforts to minimize our impact on the environment, and support federal legislation that contributes to sustainability. We also believe the importance of local business.  Therefore, we have cancelled our membership with Oregon Business for Climate and any support of House bill 2020."

Last week, Dutch Bros. announced their departure from the Oregon Business for Climate group, which publicly supports the cap -and-trade bill that would put stricter regulations on companies emitting greenhouse gas emissions. Several weeks prior an Astoria-based brewing company, Fort George Brewing, also left the group after several restaurants boycotted the sale of the company's beverages. The Oregonian first reported Deschutes' decision to join the exodus.

"Our intention in joining Oregon Business for Climate was to collaborate with businesses to find solutions to environmental issues," Dutch Bros told WW. "We never intended for our name to be used in support of this, or any, bill."

"This legislation would have imposed billions in new taxes on Oregonians who can least afford them, while having an imperceptible impact on our climate," said Stimson CEO Andrew Miller in a statement. "It is disturbing to me that urban legislators so carelessly disregard Oregon's working families in favor of ramming through political agendas that only pad the pockets of their special-interest campaign donors."

The climate group is clear on its website about its intentions to support carbon emissions legislation: "We are Oregon's only statewide business organization focused on passing carbon pricing policy in Oregon. Our mission is to provide a forum for Oregon industry leaders to collaborate in policy and business engagements aimed at promoting investment, job creation, competitiveness, and economic growth towards Oregon's low carbon economy," the site reads.

After a Twitter user asked the brewery for clarification of why they left the group, Deschutes Brewery tweeted a reply saying the company "didn't know [Oregon Business for Climate] were lobbying & unbeknownst to us, included our name on a list of companies that supported the bill which would require Oregon-based businesses to abide by stricter environmental standards."

Deschutes added that the company "supports stricter regulations, but only if it is imposed federally."