Do Portlanders Really Scramble for Kale Before Snow? We Checked Stores in Five Quadrants.

Every store was well stocked with kale and in no danger of running out.

One year ago, a Portland man named Jesse Friedman started a joke that set the whole world laughing. The joke was on Portland.

In the hours before a much-dreaded snowstorm, Friedman posted a photo of the produce shelves at the Hollywood Fred Meyer. They were denuded of kale—that curly, crunchy cabbage so suited to healthy eating. The implication: Portlanders made a run on kale before disaster struck. Since then, every new forecast of inclement weather has been met by online wags updating the city on how much kale is left.

We decided to take a more scientific approach. With snow again in the forecast, we visited grocery stores in all five city quadrants on the evening of Jan. 13. Our finding? Every store was well stocked with kale and in no danger of running out. But then again, store employees said they bulk up their produce orders before foul weather. Print the legend.

Trader Joe's, 2122 NW Glisan St. | 63 bags of kale
An employee said the store ordered extra kale recently, so they have plenty; several more cases in the back.

Safeway, 4515 SE Woodstock Blvd. | 29 bunches
The store received a big delivery Jan. 13 in prep for the snow; two boxes in the back.

Green Zebra, 1704 SW Broadway | 17 bunches
Didn't do much special prep, but had an extra box or so in the back.

New Seasons, 3445 N Williams Ave. | 57 bunches
Good amount of fresh kale in the back; the store orders more kale in January specifically because of New Year's resolutions.

Fred Meyer, 6615 NE Glisan St. | 60 bunches
The store ordered more of all produce in prep for snow; had an extra four or five boxes in the back.

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