East Portland is….


Percentage under 18 in Portland: 19%

Percentage under 18 in East Portland: 24%


Median household income, Portland: $53,230

Median household income, East Portland: $42,271

…more diverse.

Percentage of Portland's population that's nonwhite: 28.2%

Percentage of East Portland population that's nonwhite: 38.5%

By ethnicity:

1.3% Pacific Islander

2.6% Native American

8.6% Black

12.1% Asian

15.3% Hispanic or Latino

61.5% White

Number of languages spoken by the students of David Douglas High School, on

SE 135th Ave: 49

Real Estate Upswing

(WW Staff)
(WW Staff)

Overall increase in median sale price since Jan. 31, 2012 in Portland: 73 percent.

Increase during the same period in East Portland: 81 percent.

East Portland median residential sale price in…

2012: $158K

2013: $190K

2014: $200K

2015: $235K

2016: $250K


For the nearly four years between April 2011 and February 2015, East Portland reported:


32 of 88 murders in the city


102 of 289 kidnappings in the city


292 of 736 cases of prostitution in the city


4,076 of 12,062 vehicle thefts in the city


570 of 1,682 weapons crimes in the city

Crash Corners


7 of the 10 most dangerous intersections in Portland are east of I-205.

Percentage of Eastside Streets with Sidewalks


Trailer Parks

(WW Staff)
(WW Staff)

Number west of I-205 in Portland: 23

Number to the east: 43

(WW Staff)
(WW Staff)

Estimated Total Benson Bubblers:

130 in Portland.

2 East of I-205.

(Christine Dong)