A new anti-Trump protest group called "Not Up For Grabs: Portland" marched from the Park Blocks to Pioneer Courthouse Square Saturday afternoon.

Protest organizer Clarissa Miller wanted to create a protest for people who wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable coming to a large protest a night. She was inspired after attending last Sunday's Family Protest, where she and her husband brought their two children.

"I've been in the fight since the '60s," says Barbara Hansen, a retired woman who came out to protest this election for the first time today. "Frustration, anger, horrible disappointment at the election brought me out here. I just find this whole new regime is moving people backwards. All the progress that's been made from FDR to LBJ to Obama is coming undone. Safety networks are in jeopardy."

The protest stood in contrast to groups that have intentionally clogged city streets and blocked traffic.

Miller yelled out exactly what route the group would be taking, called the police to let them know, planned to have the group stick to the sidewalks and informed everyone the entire route would be a half mile.

"If a car is trying to get through for awhile, consider letting them through and then joining up with the rest of the group," she told the crowd.

There were no police in sight; no traffic was blocked the entire afternoon, as hundreds of people marched to Pioneer Courthouse Square, rallied and marched back to the Park Blocks.

Most of the chants were specifically focused on combating Trump's claims about women, including "My Body, My Choice," "Nasty Woman," "Hands Off Girls," and "I Smile When I Want."

The hundreds of protesters included several children, who Miller called up during the rally, yelling, "This is the future!"

The kids held signs that said things like "Nasty Woman In Training!" or just a sign with a big heart on it.

Miller, a comedy writer, has never been involved in activist work before, but when she woke up on Tuesday morning, she decided she needed to do something.  She created a Facebook group that day and posted flyers around Portland State University.

"This is just so I don't curl up in a ball at home," she says. "I felt urged to gather the women in my life and harness all this energy."

Miller says she doesn't know yet when the next Not Up For Grabs: Portland event is, but you can stay updated on their Facebook page.