Portland police tonight arrested Gregory McKelvey, 23, who has led Portland's Resistance, the group that has repeatedly protested the election of Donald Trump.

McKelvey was charged with disorderly conduct. Police say they arrested him for telling marchers to defy the orders police gave over a loudspeaker truck.

(Those loudspeaker announcements have been the way that the police bureau has issued instructions and warnings to protesters over roughly seven nights of anti-Trump marches.)

His partner, Kathryn Stevens, 24, and a third protester,  Micah Rhodes, were also arrested; both were charged with interfering with a police officer and disorderly conduct.

Portland's Resistance tweeted that "so far 3 organizers were targeted by police and arrested. They were no violent and reportedly targeted for 'fomenting civil disobedience.'"

Tonight's protest was organized by McKelvey with students from Portland-area high schools. They gathered in Northeast Portland's Holladay Park at about 4 pm, then marched downtown.

"We are protesting," the students said before the march in a prepared statement,
"to show that although hatred and bigotry won this election, our generation refuses to be complacent in the face of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia and ableism. We are protesting to stand in solidarity with marginalized people who will be most affected by this upcoming presidency. This protest will be exemplary of young people's willingness to fight for what is right and to resist when necessary."

Mike Bivins took video footage of McKelvey's arrest.

Video by Mike Bivins.

And here's the aftermath of the arrest.

Video by Mike Bivins.