Portland Commissioner Steve Novick, who lost a re-election bid last month to outsider candidate Chloe Eudaly, says he's mulling a possible return to politics—as Multnomah County's district attorney.

That gold nugget emerged Thursday in a story OPB published about what it called Novick's quick rise and quicker fall in Portland politics.

It came at the end of the story, in what journalists call the kicker. And it's hard to imagine a better way to sum up Novick's humor and hubris—the twin motors that drive his left-leaning ambition.

As OPB's Anna Griffin tells the story, Novick isn't immediately ready to return to elected office, but he's intrigued by the possibility of reforming the DA's office.

She quotes him saying, "Some progressives around the country are beginning to realize that in our criminal justice system, the DA holds all the cards. And if we need to do real criminal justice reform, we need to have people running for DA."

Novick, who took to the stage at Candidates Gone Wild in October to recite entire passages from The Princess Bride, also once quoted Casablanca in correspondence with a fellow commissioner.

So it comes as no surprise that he pumped some television trivia into his trial balloon. "Also frankly," he told OPB, "I kind of like the idea of being the crusty old DA in the original Law & Order, saying, 'Make the deal!'"

Novick attended Harvard Law School, but his Oregon license to practice law is currently inactive.

He told WW today he's not planning a run now but that he hasn't ruled it out for 2024. "It's just something that has crossed my mind," he writes in a text message. "If we're serious about ending mass incarceration, we need people running for DA with that goal in mind."