VIDEO: Woman Shot With Police Projectiles at Don’t Shoot Portland Protest

Tensions growing between protesters and police at "Not My President's Day" protest.

Growing tensions between protesters and the Portland Police Bureau erupted in violence today, as riot police tackled and shot projectiles at a President's Day demonstration.

Video captured at the protest shows a demonstrator confronting police on Southwest 6th Avenue, then being tackled and shot with non-lethal projectiles.

Video by Mike Bivins.

Today's protest, organized by the group Don't Shoot Portland, was officially labeled a "Not My President's Day" protest against President Donald Trump. But protests of Trump have increasingly intersected with marches against police violence, as anti-police sentiments have grown in the wake of the Feb. 9 shooting of black teenager Quanice Hayes.

Around 100 protesters blocked roads in downtown today, and police swooped in on bicycles and quickly pushed protesters to sidewalk, threatening arrest of those who remained in the road. Some remained in the road and riot police arrested several people.