Former Portland Mayor Sam Adams on Friday night denied allegations he sexually harassed an assistant who worked for him during his four-year term.

Cevero Gonzalez alleged Thursday in a six-page statement sent to City Hall that Adams shared details of his own sex life, demanded specifics about Gonzalez's sexual preferences and made obscene gestures.

In denying he sexually harassed Gonzalez, Adams praised people who have come forward with allegations, and offered to "gladly participate" in a city or state investigation. His full statement:

"I've been inspired by all the people who are coming forward to talk about how they have been sexually harassed. Sexual harassment is a real problem in the workplace. I did not sexually harass Mr. Gonzalez, but I think allegations like his should be thoroughly investigated. State and city procedures are in place to objectively examine the facts around allegations like these. I will gladly participate in such a process and look forward to its findings."