This weekend is the one-year anniversary of the Women's March and President Donald Trump's inauguration, and hundreds of Portlanders are planning to protest in downtown.

Portland police expect "multiple demonstrations" and warn that traffic and public transportation could be slowed by the protests. At past protests, police have shown up in great numbers, heavily armed, and prepared to use pepper spray and flash-bang grenades on groups of protesters.

At least a half-dozen events are planned, starting at noon and running as late at 7 pm. Hundreds of people have indicated plans to attend the rallies, and thousands have expressed interest in attending on Facebook.

The Portland chapter of the International League of Peoples' Struggle has planned a "National March for Impeachment" to start in Terry D. Schurnk Plaza at noon on Jan. 20. At 1pm, the Queer Liberation Front has planned an antifascist protest in downtown. There will also be a #MeToo-themed event to celebrate the anniversary of the Women's March and protest gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

On the opposite fringe, the alt-right protest group Patriot Prayer has planned a "Night Time Freedom March" for 5 pm at the Salmon Street Springs near the waterfront.

There are several other marches, rallies and concerts protesting Trump, fascism and advocating for progressive politics planned in other parts of the city as well.