Sunday's memorial service for former Portland Mayor Vera Katz, who died on Dec. 11, will feature former politicians and a former journalist, according to a press release today.

The speakers will include former State Sen. Margaret L. Carter, former Portland City Commissioner Mike Lindberg, and Erin Hoover Barnett, director of communications for OHSU School of Medicine. She profiled Katz while a journalist with the Oregonian.

Kerry Tymchuk, Executive Director of the Oregon Historical Society, will be the moderator.

The service will be at 2 pm at the Portland Art Museum.

"Vera understood the value of a world-class art museum to the soul of her city," said Brian Ferriso, Executive Director of the Portland Art Museum. "It is our privilege to open our doors to pay tribute to this urban visionary who dedicated her life to making her community a prosperous, welcoming and beautiful place."

Organizers promised "an unpretentious and uplifting tribute."

"Mom always said that the most important thing to her was to make a difference," said Jesse Katz, a Los Angeles author and journalist. "Based on the condolences I've received these past few weeks, I can see just how many lives she touched—how profoundly she inspired others to do more and be better."