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Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly Serenaded the Business Lobby on Her Gold Cordless Karaoke Microphone

City in the process of negotiating a tax increase on businesses. PBA gets an earful.

After an April 17 budget meeting in the Portland mayor's office, City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly broke out a cordless gold karaoke microphone she carried in her purse to express in song her reaction to meeting with the Portland Business Alliance.

PBA and the mayor's office were negotiating over an increase to the business license tax.

"You Don't Own Me" Eudaly sang on her way down the stairs late that evening.

"I think the title is self-explanatory," she tells WW of her song selection. "To be clear, it was almost 5 pm on a Tuesday and the building was nearly empty. I was regaling the security guards and my own staff."

The Oregonian reported earlier today that the tax increase is likely to be worth $15 million.

Eudaly, a longtime independent bookstore owner, has brought a penchant for karaoke with her to City Hall—along with the microphone.

Eudaly's mic has the latest in karaoke-on-the-go technology. It's a got a USB port for charging, just like expensive bike lights do.

"You Don't Own Me" wasn't Eudaly's only song that day. She also serenaded the building with "It's Raining Men" on the way up to the third floor meeting.

"I work in a male-dominated field," Eudaly emails. "It can be taxing on many levels. It was a 'If you don't laugh you'll cry' kind of moment."

Eudaly says she doesn't have a favorite karaoke song, but two standards include "To Sir, With Love" and "They Don't Know." She says karaoke has been "typically confined to the office after hours.

"However, I do aspire to follow in the grand footsteps of Kathleen Saadat, who worked for the city, sang in the halls, and just released her first album at 77," she adds.

(Photo courtesy of Eudaly's office)