Portland City Council candidate Stuart Emmons is now facing a $250 fine for violating Oregon elections law in the same way as one of his opponents.

Emmons failed to register his political action committee for his run for council though he privately expressed his intention to run, according to the Oregon Secretary of State's election division, according to an April 25 letter.

The complaint, filed by activist Seth Woolley in January, mirrored a similar one filed against County Commissioner Loretta Smith, who faced a $250 fine in December.

Woolley filed a complaint in January that Emmons had decided to seek the seat for retiring City Commissioner Dan Saltzman but failed to disclose his intention to do so.

Emmons began fundraising in September, but he did not announce until long after he disclosed contributions whether he planned to run against incumbent Commissioner Nick Fish or enter the race to replace Saltzman.

Behind closed doors, Emmons had told people he was running for the Saltzman seat. (He also put it in a Facebook message that was obtained by WW in January.)

Smith's scenario was different.

She did not formally file to run for office until January in attempt to comply with county charter that requires county commissioners to resign from office if they start campaigning before the final year of their term.

The Secretary of State's office determined that at least under state elections law, however, Smith was campaigning last fall. Woolley has sued in Multnomah Circuit Court to force her resignation over the county charter provision.